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 3 Tips Choose A Perfect DSLR Camera



Day by day DSLR camera becomes more popular. Gone those days, when people used to film to take photos. Nowadays, most of the peoples buying DSLR camera.

But one question that most of them are asked what to look before buying a DSLR camera.

Okay, in this tutorial I gonna give you 3 tips which will help you to select the perfect DSLR camera.

Guide To Select Best DSLR Camera


First things you have to know your budget. There are many good cameras available in the budget range $400-$500. But if you want premium lens then you have to spend few more buck.

As a beginner, I recommend you to buy a camera between $400-$700.

Camera Brands:

Now another important part is camera brand. Which camera brand do you prefer? If you asked me, then I will say Nikon. I love Nikon brand and I think most of the professional photographer prefer Nikon. Nikon and Canon are the most popular camera brands. You will easily get a good budget camera. I have Nikon D750 which I have been using for since 2015. It's a very good camera from Nikon. You can use this for almost all kinds of photography. You can use this for wedding photography, Outdoor photography, Indoor photography. You have to buy lens to take great photo.


Now you think about which types of lens you want. There are many types of lenses you can see on the market. You have to select the lens as per your photography types.

You can see lenses normal lens, Kit Lens, Zoom lens, macro lens, wide angle lens. As a beginner, if you want to take some great photo then I would say the prime lens is the best option for you.


I hope you are able to learn how to buy a DSLR camera. Now you can buy a DSLR camera by just following this simple tips. This tips I shared from my personal experience. I highly recommend you to do more research before buying.

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